All of us probably have some sort of a social media account. And, why shouldn’t we? Everyone does! There is no doubt that social media is by far one of the greatest developments brought in by the human race. It has changed the way we communicate with one another on so many levels. Also, it is ridiculously fast and easy. With social media on the loop, people are more connected to the rest of the world than ever before. We can connect to people thousands of miles away, through status updates, pictures and highlights of our lives.


Despite being constantly connected, people feel lonely. What could possibly be the reason? The reality is that people only share the constant barrage of good news about their lives. The term, “competing with the Jones” is now on a whole new level and meaning, thanks to social media. There are many people who purposefully create a customized image about themselves; true or false, nobody knows. As a result, many people are left feeling dissatisfied and insecure about themselves.


This can lead to FOMO (fear of missing out). Connecting via Social media is nothing more than a beautiful illusion. Because of social media, our minds are more embedded in the virtual world than the real world. We are connected to hundreds of people outside the real realm but isolated with the ones with whom we spend real time. We are more into phones and computers, technologically smart and sound, but we are missing out on the fun of the natural smiles, rain, books and of course, quality time spent with our loved ones.


Pretty scary stuff when you look at it, isn’t it? Who would think that our virtual connections would produce such effects? Social media does make us lonely, in a lot of cases. So, what can we possibly do about it? Throw a party! Call people instead of sending them invites on Facebook. Write a letter to your friend on their birthday instead of sending a Facebook message. And remember, whatever happens and doesn’t happen on social media, isn’t the end of the world. Social media is important, but we must always know how to maintain a healthy balance between reality and the virtual world.


– Ashmita Roy

PC: Lamamaonline, The Daily Sheeple, Ebaumsworld, Modern Survival Blog