On the other side of a classroom…

Throughout our student life, we come across different situations and scenarios – some explainable and some not. Numerous times, we are faced with situations when we don’t agree with our teachers; presumptuous that things can be managed in a better way or maybe by following a different approach. With every person being different from the other, every student is different too. So, how can different students be dealt in the same way? Well, be it right or wrong, this is what is done in most cases – a set of rules, a book of guidelines, and you are good to go with the act of teaching. How do you think the students develop when they are taught in this manner? Like the herd maybe, where one starts and the rest follow?

Few of us are not quite close or comfortable with our teachers, as opposed to the many who are, accounting to several reasons. However, in most situations, it becomes the responsibility of the teaching community to contribute to the openness of the tiny timid ones. Why not bring about that level of comfort and confidence, so that the students feel no hesitation in expressing their own thoughts and ideas? The question arises – how can this be done? The answer is… well, why don’t you go ahead and speculate? Maybe some possible answers flash by, in your inward eye.

Now imagine, you are on the other side of the classroom. The same you with the same opinions, blocks and outlook; however, this time with a different role. You find yourself at a subtle junction; you look back to see your teachers standing and ahead of you lies an entire classroom…

Teacher, Mentor, Guru, Trainer – the title changes with time, but, the pattern of sharing knowledge is retained. Teaching is an immense responsibility; not only to convey bookish education but also to impart knowledge, so that one develops wisdom. It is easy to scold and criticise, instead, how about making one understand about the faults and mistakes patiently? A more sensible approach? What say?

I wonder, why the educational institutions become home-like for a few and not for the others? Why is the classroom a comfort zone for some and a nightmare for the rest? Did we ever try to figure out answers to these? What if the dictionary of discipline, rules, regulations and marks changes to morality, ethics, understanding and talent innovation respectively?

Perhaps, the correct inference would be – the teachers should take some inspiration from the greatest of all mentors, ‘Life’. The extent to which things would differ from what they are today is indescribable. With such a degree of understanding and warmth, impartiality and friendship, guidance and firmness, one will definitely achieve the unachievable. Now the question lies, Who?

– Surabhi Sharma and Aditi Banerjee

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On the other side of a classroom…

Zodiac Traits- Which writer are you?

The 12 signs of the zodiac tell a lot about one’s personality, characteristics and traits. Every year over 150 million people spend hours in search of content related to zodiac signs. But, ever wondered, how would each zodiac sign write content?

Here is our perception on how each sign would go about doing so:


Aries – The warriors of the zodiac, Arians would take it head on and go with the flow. They are bold and have a straight-forward approach to almost everything in life. So expect facts, usage of simple sentences, emphasis on highlights and nothing too flowery. Most Arians are spontaneous and are good with technical documentation, as a result, they excel in the fields of both creative as well as technical writing.


Taurus– The stubborn Taureans will take their time to understand all types of content before making up their minds and sticking their heads in the game. Taureans can also be very imaginative, so expect usage of words you have never heard or read before. Expect Grammar-Nazism, correct usage of commas and a lot of jargons. So the next time you bump into a write-up which has been articulately written, chances are; it was written by a Taurean.


Gemini– Often depicted as the twins of the zodiac, a properly nurtured Gemini is a content strategist at work. Geminis are good at most of the things they do and hence it can be expected from them to jump from one type of content to the other. Because they like experimenting, a Gemini would probably try their hands at all types of content and go throughout their career without deciding which one to stick with permanently. However, because they are very social and curious, social media writing is highly recommended for those born under this zodiac sign.


Cancer– Often called as zodiac’s nurturer, Cancer is a sign which likes music, food and other finer things in life. People born under this sign do well when they are writing on subjects they are very interested in. Like other water signs, Cancerians are very emotional and that can often be seen in their write-ups. Expect usage of a lot of adjectives and exclamations.

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Leo– Leos are often depicted as the lions of the zodiac, the royalty and the lords of the light. And as such their content barely gets unnoticed. People born under this sign like to highlight their content and want their content to be seen, read and applauded. Because of their association with the 5th house of the zodiac, which is the house of creativity, spirituality and flare, Leos would probably be at their best in creative writing.


Virgo– The virgin, the vixen and the perfectionist, these are nicknames given to the 6th sign of the zodiac. Virgos are very conscious of themselves and want their work to be perfect. They are also very analytical, articulate and have a terrific sense of humour. A content writer born under this sign will make sure that everything has been done properly, whether it is the punctuation of the sentence or the grammar. So, you can almost always expect a properly typed, self-scrutinized and polished write-up from a Virgo.


Libra- Ruled by Lady Venus herself, Libra is all about beauty, grace and elegance. Content writers who are born under this sign do well in the fields of curation and aesthetic content. They value their write-ups like an artwork and want the readers to cherish them as well. Expect a floral language, usage of a lot of adjectives and a conversational tone of writing. Librans also have the reputation of being the social butterflies of the zodiac, hence they might also take a lot of interest in social media content.


Scorpio– Because of their drive, passion and resilience, Scorpios enjoy a lot of success at whatever field they are in. Content writers born under this zodiac sign are very likely to experiment especially during the start of their career. And once they start getting the hang of it, they might just end up starting off their own content business. Scorpios are also good at improvising, something which can help them to a great extent when it comes to content writing. However, owing to their selectively social nature, Scorpios may not be interested in social media content, until and unless they find something fascinating to write about.


Sagittarius– Sagittarius is considered as one of the most philosophical and optimistic signs of the zodiac. People who are born under this zodiac sign tend to have a love for reading, travelling, food and meeting people of different cultures. As a result, they will do well while writing content for travel blogs. Apart from that, Sagittarians are very creative and good story-tellers, a trait which can be very useful for writing creative content. While going through their penned articles, expect the usage of a lot of phrases and jargons.


Capricorn– Ambitious, reliable and level-headed are the traits associated with Capricorns. Much like Scorpios, Capricorns are also very good at improvising, a trait which can help them a lot in the field of content. Unlike Librans, Capricorns don’t have the tendency to be too floral with their write-ups. They rather like presenting facts in an aesthetic manner. Expect crisp and factual write-ups from this Saturn-ruled zodiac sign.


Aquarius– Depicted as the Water-bearer, Aquarius is regarded as one of the most ingenious signs of the zodiac. Their ingenuity helps them in content writing as well. People born under this zodiac sign tend to have a way with words which is often depicted in their write-ups. Owing to their nature and a tremendous sense of humour, satirical, humorous and light-hearted content is highly recommended for this zodiac sign. They are also very organised which makes them good editors.

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Pisces– Symbolised by the fish, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and it is often said that those born under this sign have at least one characteristic of all the other 11 signs of the zodiac. Pisceans can be very creative, which is why they do well as creative writers. Expect a floral style of writing with a conversational tone in their thoughtful representation.

Whoa! Now, wasn’t that exciting enough to learn about these interesting factors of each zodiac sign? And again, we understand that every individual has different traits, however, to put a conscious disclaimer -that the above article is purely written on the general basis of the characteristics of each zodiac sign. Hence, without judging, Happy reading!

– Tanay Sengupta and Aditi Banerjee

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Zodiac Traits- Which writer are you?