How Bangalore Changed My Life

When I first came to Bangalore, I fell in love with the winding lanes shaded by huge trees with their branches forming a green canopy overhead, which is almost a landmark of the Hebbal area. Victorian buildings, extensive libraries, colourful bazaars and opulent malls, all left an indelible imprint of a magical city in my mind. So, after a short stint in Dubai when we decided to shift back to India, it is not to be wondered that the first city that sprang to my mind was Bangalore.

By the time I returned to the Garden City in 2015, it had been renamed as Bengaluru. Much of its tree cover had also been lost due to urbanization, but the city still had its old charm which put my mind at ease. I put down temporary roots at Electronic City, the centre of software life in Bangalore. Being an IT Engineer myself, I longed to be part of the thriving work force of the city; but truth to tell, I was not really enamoured of the IT sector. With my husband’s encouragement, I started exploring other fields. I found my calling as a Content Developer with InfoCognitio. I was over the moon with happiness and felt that this city had hand-crafted me a job from my dreams. At a time when I had long said goodbye to the creative/literature field, here was an opportunity to indulge the writer (a novice one for sure) in me. There followed days of glorious fun, filled with laughter, whacky ideas (side effects of indulging your creative side), impromptu treats (thanks to our silver-tongued boss) and general melee. I still wonder how anything creative ever got written in all that chaos, but it seemed to work somehow.

Bangalore gave me a second family, people to rely on whether I get sick, sad or mad. This bunch of writers introduced me to a side of Bangalore that I knew existed but had heretofore never come in contact with. I got introduced to almost every type of cuisine available in India, and then some. Mouth-watering momos, authentic Kolkata-style biryani, English chicken stew, Bangalorean chutney, Kerala-style beef fry and Bengali sweets were all tasted in our lunch hour. They also introduced me to a bunch of novel and modern ideas and viewpoints. Coming from Kerala, I grew up hearing that cigarette smoking in women is taboo; but here, I came to accept that women have as much of a right to indulge in a smoke or a pint of beer as men. A vibrant nightlife and a lively dating scene (those love-struck colleagues!) all managed to find a way into my life, further broadening my horizons.

Now, having settled permanently (for the foreseeable future) near my favourite area of Bangalore, Hebbal, I examine with wonder all the changes that this city has brought to me and my ways of thinking. And it seems that the city is set on giving me new gifts and surprises around every corner; I am finally able to study for a degree in literature, a dream of mine since childhood. Bengaluru will always remain my favourite city and a land of opportunities where your every dream will come true; all you need is the courage to follow it.

– Meera Meriyn Joy

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How Bangalore Changed My Life

Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing plays a major role in promoting business across the globe. Presence on the internet helps a business to reach a large set of customers with ease. It is essential for any businessperson to initiate various marketing strategies and create awareness among the end users. Content marketing strategies help an enterprise to meet specified goals within a desired timeline and budget. It is highly recommended to focus on the various components of marketing to expand your business. Some of the significant content marketing strategies to expand your venture are discussed below:

  • Conduct a Survey

Make use of the digital medium to conduct a survey and understand the different aspects of the business model. By following this method there is a possibility to get leads to the potential customers. Conducting a survey is an essential part of the content marketing strategy. This process will help to get an idea about buyers’ persona and their requirements. A good plan aiming at digital campaigns have the potential to boost the marketing strategies and put you at par with your competitors. A survey aids in driving traffic to your company’s website thereby making it familiar amongst the users.


  • Identify Potential Market

The Internet plays a crucial role in identifying the target customers and get in touch with them within a short span of time. This way you can scale your profit margins by building long-term relationships with your prospective clients. Interesting and engaging content will help you get the right customer base.

  • Content Planning

Content is the key ingredient that drives web traffic and helps to establish relationships with potential customers. Content available to various users should fulfil the different facets of business goals. Since it is tangible and has a massive reach, a proper marketing plan is of utmost importance. Invest some time to conduct extensive research and gather relevant information, before planning your content for the general masses.


  • Content Marketing Metrics

It is essential to create, curate and optimise content that works best to meet your marketing goals. A proper mix of formats, various channels, etc., will add value to the marketing tactics and reach the target audience. A proper marketing plan is one of the main factors for the success of any firm.


  • Brand Awareness

Explore the various mediums or platforms to create an awareness about your business among the users. Creative and visually appealing content will have a great impact on the minds of the users. Endorse your brand through social media marketing, email marketing, offline marketing or advertising. The quality information that you send through these marketing tools is the first step towards getting in touch with the potential buyers. That’s not all, the content generated should be user-friendly and easy to share.


Use these marketing plans to maintain a healthy and continuous business rapport with your present and future customers. Posting new content online is another way to remain in the frontline of business. The key takeaways of a marketing plan should focus on the content efforts made to address your customers’ needs. Advertising your content on the right platform is critical to achieve success in the venture. Every point discussed with respect to content marketing strategies will lead to the end goal of adding value to your business.

– Meena.S



Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies


It is well-known that man’s best friend is a highly intelligent animal. For thousands of years, dogs have walked alongside humans to give them a helping hand at tasks such as hunting, protecting, shepherding, retrieving and more, owing to their heightened senses. Above all, they have been our greatest companions and continue to be. But, what if there was a hypothetical scenario where our furry friends somehow learnt to read and write? What goes inside the mind of a dog and what would they write about? Let’s find out!

Labrador: The intelligent, happy-faced, tail-wagging Labrador Retrievers are big time foodies. Such strong is their passion for food that if you have a pet Lab, he would happily assist an intruder that comes to rob your home, as long as he is lured with a pack of dog biscuits. It is no secret that Labs would turn out to be one of those fancy food bloggers, the kind who travel the world in search of gourmet pleasures, only to make us feel jealous as we read about their adventures.


German Shepherd: German Shepherd dogs were bred precisely for their high intelligence. They are easy to train and extremely loyal. No wonder that they are extensively used as police dogs and guard dogs. In the scenario of doggie enlightenment, a GSD would be the first one to discover how to read. His loyal disposition would make him alert his master first. The intelligence agencies would soon discover the fact and GSDs would then be recruited as James Bond style spies, equipped with the latest gadgets. Then years later, after retiring, a well-known spy GSD would publish a bestselling crime novel to be enjoyed by children and adults for generations.


Chihuahua: Often used as ‘toy dogs’ by famous celebrities, Chihuahuas will make you instantly fall in love with them, thanks to their cute looks. However, they are easily provoked, especially if threatened by large dogs or even humans. When the world becomes aware of this newfound intellect of dogs, Chihuahua owners would soon send their pets to dog schools. Gradually, the members of this breed would end up getting expelled for low grades. They would then spend the rest of their lives tweeting about their designer shoes and trips to exotic vacations, because well, they are only smart enough to write 140 characters.


Siberian Husky: The intelligent Siberian Husky is the one of the few dog breeds that is closely related to the wolves. The Huskies are a proud breed and consider themselves above everyone else, choosing to howl rather than bark and asking for air-conditioners to protect their precious coats. They are known to be escape artists, trying to jump over the fence when their master is not around. If a Husky learns how to pick up the pen, he would definitely write about his adventures as a runaway dog. His travel diaries would tell the tales of his quest as a nomad in the Siberian mountains, where he felt home.


 Great Dane: Great Dane is the world’s tallest dog breed. But, don’t go by their size as they are complete darlings at heart, a trait that has earned the breed the nickname, ‘gentle giants’. They get along well with everyone, from humans to other dog breeds and even cats. In a world where dogs and cats are always fighting and plotting against each other, a Great Dane would emerge as a messiah, writing philosophical books about world peace and pleading others to stop fighting, for the greater good. His respect among the living beings would gradually increase and he would be hailed as a great philosopher among coming generations.

Great Dane

Stray Dog (Mongrel): Unlike his pedigree peers, the poor stray dog has no one to teach him the ways of the pen. He is more worried about getting beaten up by stray dog gangs than learning his ABCs. On one fortunate day, a kind human offers him food and gifts him a few old books. Soon, the stray learns how to read and write, under dim streetlamps. Eventually, he becomes a better writer than any of the purebred dogs. He goes on to write an autobiography about his past struggles, and the circumstances he had to overcome in order to reach where he is today. His book ‘Stray dog Millionaire’ becomes a worldwide bestseller, and is soon adapted to an Oscar-winning movie.

Stray Dog

Most dog-lovers know that no love is purer than the love a dog has for his master. Even though they come in different shapes, sizes and colours, loyalty is an undeniable trait that all dogs share. All they need are loving homes and caring owners.

– Ridhima Rathour

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Zodiac Traits- Which writer are you?

The 12 signs of the zodiac tell a lot about one’s personality, characteristics and traits. Every year over 150 million people spend hours in search of content related to zodiac signs. But, ever wondered, how would each zodiac sign write content?

Here is our perception on how each sign would go about doing so:


Aries – The warriors of the zodiac, Arians would take it head on and go with the flow. They are bold and have a straight-forward approach to almost everything in life. So expect facts, usage of simple sentences, emphasis on highlights and nothing too flowery. Most Arians are spontaneous and are good with technical documentation, as a result, they excel in the fields of both creative as well as technical writing.


Taurus– The stubborn Taureans will take their time to understand all types of content before making up their minds and sticking their heads in the game. Taureans can also be very imaginative, so expect usage of words you have never heard or read before. Expect Grammar-Nazism, correct usage of commas and a lot of jargons. So the next time you bump into a write-up which has been articulately written, chances are; it was written by a Taurean.


Gemini– Often depicted as the twins of the zodiac, a properly nurtured Gemini is a content strategist at work. Geminis are good at most of the things they do and hence it can be expected from them to jump from one type of content to the other. Because they like experimenting, a Gemini would probably try their hands at all types of content and go throughout their career without deciding which one to stick with permanently. However, because they are very social and curious, social media writing is highly recommended for those born under this zodiac sign.


Cancer– Often called as zodiac’s nurturer, Cancer is a sign which likes music, food and other finer things in life. People born under this sign do well when they are writing on subjects they are very interested in. Like other water signs, Cancerians are very emotional and that can often be seen in their write-ups. Expect usage of a lot of adjectives and exclamations.

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Leo– Leos are often depicted as the lions of the zodiac, the royalty and the lords of the light. And as such their content barely gets unnoticed. People born under this sign like to highlight their content and want their content to be seen, read and applauded. Because of their association with the 5th house of the zodiac, which is the house of creativity, spirituality and flare, Leos would probably be at their best in creative writing.


Virgo– The virgin, the vixen and the perfectionist, these are nicknames given to the 6th sign of the zodiac. Virgos are very conscious of themselves and want their work to be perfect. They are also very analytical, articulate and have a terrific sense of humour. A content writer born under this sign will make sure that everything has been done properly, whether it is the punctuation of the sentence or the grammar. So, you can almost always expect a properly typed, self-scrutinized and polished write-up from a Virgo.


Libra- Ruled by Lady Venus herself, Libra is all about beauty, grace and elegance. Content writers who are born under this sign do well in the fields of curation and aesthetic content. They value their write-ups like an artwork and want the readers to cherish them as well. Expect a floral language, usage of a lot of adjectives and a conversational tone of writing. Librans also have the reputation of being the social butterflies of the zodiac, hence they might also take a lot of interest in social media content.


Scorpio– Because of their drive, passion and resilience, Scorpios enjoy a lot of success at whatever field they are in. Content writers born under this zodiac sign are very likely to experiment especially during the start of their career. And once they start getting the hang of it, they might just end up starting off their own content business. Scorpios are also good at improvising, something which can help them to a great extent when it comes to content writing. However, owing to their selectively social nature, Scorpios may not be interested in social media content, until and unless they find something fascinating to write about.


Sagittarius– Sagittarius is considered as one of the most philosophical and optimistic signs of the zodiac. People who are born under this zodiac sign tend to have a love for reading, travelling, food and meeting people of different cultures. As a result, they will do well while writing content for travel blogs. Apart from that, Sagittarians are very creative and good story-tellers, a trait which can be very useful for writing creative content. While going through their penned articles, expect the usage of a lot of phrases and jargons.


Capricorn– Ambitious, reliable and level-headed are the traits associated with Capricorns. Much like Scorpios, Capricorns are also very good at improvising, a trait which can help them a lot in the field of content. Unlike Librans, Capricorns don’t have the tendency to be too floral with their write-ups. They rather like presenting facts in an aesthetic manner. Expect crisp and factual write-ups from this Saturn-ruled zodiac sign.


Aquarius– Depicted as the Water-bearer, Aquarius is regarded as one of the most ingenious signs of the zodiac. Their ingenuity helps them in content writing as well. People born under this zodiac sign tend to have a way with words which is often depicted in their write-ups. Owing to their nature and a tremendous sense of humour, satirical, humorous and light-hearted content is highly recommended for this zodiac sign. They are also very organised which makes them good editors.

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Pisces– Symbolised by the fish, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and it is often said that those born under this sign have at least one characteristic of all the other 11 signs of the zodiac. Pisceans can be very creative, which is why they do well as creative writers. Expect a floral style of writing with a conversational tone in their thoughtful representation.

Whoa! Now, wasn’t that exciting enough to learn about these interesting factors of each zodiac sign? And again, we understand that every individual has different traits, however, to put a conscious disclaimer -that the above article is purely written on the general basis of the characteristics of each zodiac sign. Hence, without judging, Happy reading!

– Tanay Sengupta and Aditi Banerjee

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Zodiac Traits- Which writer are you?