Health and Fitness for the Corporates

A nine-hour work schedule makes an integral part of our everyday routine. However, these 9 hours could span over any time of the day, accounting to the work culture of the company.  We toil while at work, we think of work when at home and rest of the time, we drowse due to our work load and lack of sleep.

Compromised your morning tea or breakfast, or even a shower for a few minutes’ of extra sleep, after snoozing your alarm? Is that the usual start you give your weekdays, while your weekends fly at the blink of an eye, whining about your unhealthy lifestyle? If you are looking  for a solution, here are a few resolutions you can take right away, for a healthier life.


  1. Keep your body hydrated

The human body comprises 70% water and so does each cell. As long as you keep this proportion right, you are sure to remain hale and hearty. Begin with buying a water bottle that suits your choice best. Something that motivates you to drink more water. Keep it filled at all times, preferably at your workcounter. Drink atleast 4 – 5 litres of water everyday.

  1. Become a “Breakfast Person”

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, at times, your busy work schedule does not allow you to prepare a proper meal. You rush to work skipping your first meal of the day. Instead, you can consume fruits or protein bars, which keep you energized throughout the day. Compare this to a muffin, which provides you with a spike of energy for not more than half an hour. What’s worse are the extra calories which get added to your system. Night owls do not usually experience hunger pangs in the morning. If that is the case with you, opt for a handful of nuts in order to avoid skipping breakfast.

  1. Take that Extra Stride

Are you the one who makes health-related new year resolutions and looks for excuses the following morning? If yes, it’s time to stop copping out and start working. Forget about your trackpants and running shoes, start with mild 30-minute workouts, then increase according to your stamina. Using the staircase instead of the elevator won’t cause you any harm either.

  1. Get sound sleep

 The importance of a sound sleep goes way beyond just boosting your mood and enhancing your beauty. While the amount of sleep required may vary between individuals, most healthy adults need approx. 7.5 to 9 hours of everyday sleep.

  1. Snack Healthy

You are not hungry enough to grab a meal, but your slight hunger pangs are making you restless. That’s exactly when you are tempted to grab a deep-fried samosa or a pastry. Though they do not seem much, the calories they add could become a pain for you to shed later.You can always satiate your tummy with healthier food options. Mind you, healthy food isn’t always tasteless and unappetising. You can choose from a variety of fresh fruit juices, smoothies, fruit salads and sweet buns. Savoury lovers can go for delectable sprout salads and steamed veggies too!

Your body is the temple of your soul. Appreciate the blessing of a healthy body and nurture it with all things nourishing. Remember that your health reflects your happiness and in this world, who does not want to be happy?

Health and Fitness for the Corporates

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