Those Magical Chords called ‘Music’

We often hear people saying that they love music and listening to music is their favorite pastime, that music lightens up their soul and it can brighten a dull day as well! I have had the same feeling, but never did I realize that it would become such an important part of my life! Yes, as a kid, I remember listening to all kinds of songs, humming to the tunes playing on the television, singing for competitions and so on. Music for me was fun and a source of entertainment. Never did it occur to me that it could even become someone’s passion or profession! I thought songs always came from the television or the tape recorder. Then how could people make money out of it? (I laugh at my childish ignorance!). Gradually, I realized that music is the path to one’s soul. Even when the whole world seems to have turned its back on you, music keeps you going. The compositions fit into any mood and situation.

I was working for Infosys in Mysore. After my roomies’ relocation, I was left with a lot of time all by myself, with no one to greet me when I got back home. Silence overpowered me. So, every evening, right after unlocking the door, I switched on the television and tuned into a music channel (as an assurance of not being alone). It helped me continue with my work without being crestfallen. Haven’t you at times done the same? Simply played some songs when bored or put on your earphones to listen to your favorite track or just sang something totally off-key and ended up being crowned as a bathroom singer.


Every living thing, including the micro particles and atoms respond to sound. I came across an experimental video once. A container filled with water was placed on the table. With different sounds played in the background, the water responded accordingly. Tiny particles are said to form different patterns in response to different kinds of sounds too. With this effect of music on particles, how can we humans stay immune from it? The melody of a song enchants us, taking us to a whole new world. Besides, classical music is said to be highly effective in fabricating and boosting a person’s intelligence, concentration, visual attention, mood and creativity. Music of any kind for that matter has similar impact on our minds.

I truly enjoy listening to songs of all genres, irrelevant of the language. Country songs, Rock music, Romantic songs, Classical music, jingles, Club mixes, Dance Tracks, Trance, Electro, Instrumental, Jazz, Healing, Meditation, Heavy Metal, Disco, and so on. Every genre has a kind of magic, like it exactly knows the chords which strike the heart. Every small tune seems to understand what you’re feeling. You tend to feel that it isn’t just a song; instead, it is an invisible person who understands you impeccably. You breathe the song which brings alive a different side of you; one that was long hidden in a little corner of your heart. For me, every song and every tune is a world. The deep connect that it brings about feels like it has been picked from the story of my life. Just one song and I find myself walking down the memory lane. From a shield against loneliness to a pastime and then a hobby, now music has become my greatest passion! Never have I wanted something so desperately in life as much as what I want now. I want to be a singer, with a life dedicated to the love of music!

For once I can say that I am thankful for every event that has taken place in my life. If it wasn’t for my education in a convent school, my English and my communication skills wouldn’t have been close to what they are today (wink!). If I didn’t have a degree in engineering, I couldn’t have experienced the royal, at the same time gruesome life at Infosys. If life hadn’t kicked me out of Infy, I would never be able to discover my true passion in singing. And if life hadn’t kicked the guts out of me, I wouldn’t have found this wonderful crowd at InfoCognitio that knows exactly how to bring out a person’s true potential through writing. Throughout these events, good or bad, music has been the one constant thing. No matter what happens and no matter how many decades go by, music is the one thing that will last forever. Till eternity!








Those Magical Chords called ‘Music’

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