It is well-known that man’s best friend is a highly intelligent animal. For thousands of years, dogs have walked alongside humans to give them a helping hand at tasks such as hunting, protecting, shepherding, retrieving and more, owing to their heightened senses. Above all, they have been our greatest companions and continue to be. But, what if there was a hypothetical scenario where our furry friends somehow learnt to read and write? What goes inside the mind of a dog and what would they write about? Let’s find out!

Labrador: The intelligent, happy-faced, tail-wagging Labrador Retrievers are big time foodies. Such strong is their passion for food that if you have a pet Lab, he would happily assist an intruder that comes to rob your home, as long as he is lured with a pack of dog biscuits. It is no secret that Labs would turn out to be one of those fancy food bloggers, the kind who travel the world in search of gourmet pleasures, only to make us feel jealous as we read about their adventures.


German Shepherd: German Shepherd dogs were bred precisely for their high intelligence. They are easy to train and extremely loyal. No wonder that they are extensively used as police dogs and guard dogs. In the scenario of doggie enlightenment, a GSD would be the first one to discover how to read. His loyal disposition would make him alert his master first. The intelligence agencies would soon discover the fact and GSDs would then be recruited as James Bond style spies, equipped with the latest gadgets. Then years later, after retiring, a well-known spy GSD would publish a bestselling crime novel to be enjoyed by children and adults for generations.


Chihuahua: Often used as ‘toy dogs’ by famous celebrities, Chihuahuas will make you instantly fall in love with them, thanks to their cute looks. However, they are easily provoked, especially if threatened by large dogs or even humans. When the world becomes aware of this newfound intellect of dogs, Chihuahua owners would soon send their pets to dog schools. Gradually, the members of this breed would end up getting expelled for low grades. They would then spend the rest of their lives tweeting about their designer shoes and trips to exotic vacations, because well, they are only smart enough to write 140 characters.


Siberian Husky: The intelligent Siberian Husky is the one of the few dog breeds that is closely related to the wolves. The Huskies are a proud breed and consider themselves above everyone else, choosing to howl rather than bark and asking for air-conditioners to protect their precious coats. They are known to be escape artists, trying to jump over the fence when their master is not around. If a Husky learns how to pick up the pen, he would definitely write about his adventures as a runaway dog. His travel diaries would tell the tales of his quest as a nomad in the Siberian mountains, where he felt home.


 Great Dane: Great Dane is the world’s tallest dog breed. But, don’t go by their size as they are complete darlings at heart, a trait that has earned the breed the nickname, ‘gentle giants’. They get along well with everyone, from humans to other dog breeds and even cats. In a world where dogs and cats are always fighting and plotting against each other, a Great Dane would emerge as a messiah, writing philosophical books about world peace and pleading others to stop fighting, for the greater good. His respect among the living beings would gradually increase and he would be hailed as a great philosopher among coming generations.

Great Dane

Stray Dog (Mongrel): Unlike his pedigree peers, the poor stray dog has no one to teach him the ways of the pen. He is more worried about getting beaten up by stray dog gangs than learning his ABCs. On one fortunate day, a kind human offers him food and gifts him a few old books. Soon, the stray learns how to read and write, under dim streetlamps. Eventually, he becomes a better writer than any of the purebred dogs. He goes on to write an autobiography about his past struggles, and the circumstances he had to overcome in order to reach where he is today. His book ‘Stray dog Millionaire’ becomes a worldwide bestseller, and is soon adapted to an Oscar-winning movie.

Stray Dog

Most dog-lovers know that no love is purer than the love a dog has for his master. Even though they come in different shapes, sizes and colours, loyalty is an undeniable trait that all dogs share. All they need are loving homes and caring owners.

– Ridhima Rathour

PC: Pixabay


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